Finger Board is a creation of a group

that calls themselves Semiosis.

It was developed through the combined efforts

of a humble but amazing team of teachers

of Japanese as a Second Language (JSL).

Teppei Tsuzuki

Teacher, JSL

Ph. D (Language Science)

Fumitaka Tatebe

Teacher, JSL

M.A. (Language Science)

Hitomi Kuga

Teacher, JSL

M.A. (Language Science)

Natsuko Suganami

Teacher, JSL

The co-founders of Semiosis, having met while in university, found they had one thing in common which was that none of them enjoyed studying. It was this shared passion for not studying that led them to ask the question, "Where does this (negative) feeling toward studying come from?" Their conclusion was that people didn’t actually not enjoy learning, but the conventional means of studying.

This has led the team on a mission to make learning more enjoyable for learners.

Although educational technology in general and app based self-study resources in particular have become more abundant in recent years, the team feels this movement has proceeded largely WITHOUT the input of educators. Instead much of what is available has been created by engineers and software developers.

Education, the team believes, requires a close link and open channels between learners, teachers, and the content to be learned—and it is important that any providers of educational technology keep this in mind.

Thus, the team developed Finger Board with the goal of strengthening the links between learners, teachers and the content to be learned by offering tools with which teachers can create touch-optimized content without having a background in programming. The team wants educators (not engineers) to be the ones who usher in this new revolution in education, and are hoping Finger Board will help to do just that.


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